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Four Lessons from the Target Data Breach

Perhaps the biggest media story of December occurred when news broke that the debit and credit card numbers of 40 million Target shoppers were compromised in one of the largest U.S. retail data breaches ever recorded. What made matters worse

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The Best (free) Way to Protect Your Company from Check Fraud

Positive Pay

Stephen Spielberg’s 2002 film, Catch Me if You Can, depicts the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. The movie, which stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks, opens with a depiction of Abagnale’s 1977 appearance on the popular game show, To Tell

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What is “PCI Compliance”? And, Does it Concern My Business?

PCI Compliance

You may have recently received some information in the mail regarding “PCI compliance.” Or, perhaps you just noticed a “PCI Validation Fee” on your monthly merchant processing statement. Or, maybe a sales representative for a merchant processor called to inform you that

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Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Save on Credit Card Processing Fees

PCI Compliance

For many businesses, accepting credit cards is a necessary method of collecting payments. And unlike cash, credit card payments cut into the profitability of a sale. It’s left many businesses wondering what they can do to keep their fees as

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Good Sense & Credit Cards

Credit Card Interest Rates

We live in a plastic world. And by plastic, I’m not referring to plastic surgery. I’m talking about the 54 mm by 86 mm piece of plastic we carry with us at almost all times — our credit cards. According

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