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Banking made easy.

Central National Bank offers a suite of Treasury Management services designed to assist you in efficiently managing your company’s cash flow. We want to simplify the funds management process to reduce the time and effort required, allowing you to focus on your core business and making money, rather than keeping track of it.

You can see our list of business services below. Are you curious about a service that may be a good fit? Drop us a line at or 1.888.262.9226.

Online Banking

Our online business banking solution – CentraNet Cash Manager – allows you and your employees to manage your cash flow and your banking relationship from the convenience of your home or office. With Cash Manager, you can view account balances and transactions in a real-time environment, view your account history and check images, place stop payments, transfer funds, make loan payments, send bill payments, initiate wire transfers, and schedule ACH debits and credits. You can also tailor access settings for each employee tied to your account.

ACH Services

ACH transactions are a type of electronic funds transfer that eliminates the need for writing paper checks. With ACH capability, you can pay your employees (or vendors) via direct deposit, saving you time and money while also giving your employees faster and easier access to their funds. Additionally, if you receive payments from your customers on a routine basis, you can obtain a preauthorization to debit their accounts for payment, providing you with faster and easier access to your funds. [ACH FAQ’s]

Positive Pay

With CentraNet Cash Manager, you’ll have access to our Positive Pay check fraud prevention system at no charge. With Positive Pay, you’ll send us a file of issued checks daily (or as often as you issue checks) to be compared with checks attempting to clear your account. Any checks that try to clear which are not included in your file will be rejected as exceptions for you to view and approve. This process allows you to identify unauthorized, counterfeit, or forged checks before they clear your account.

Express Deposit

Express Deposit, or Remote Deposit Capture as it is sometimes referred to, is an online service where you can make electronic deposits from the convenience of your office. A member of our Treasury Management team will install a check scanner on your computer, through which you (or your employees) can scan checks and submit them for deposit. Items submitted prior to 6 p.m. credit to your account on that same business day. [Express Deposit FAQ’s]

Merchant Services

Give your customers additional payment choices by accepting credit cards and/or debit cards. Central National Bank offers competitive rates, plus several options for credit card processing, that can be tailored to your business needs. [More Info]

Lockbox Services

For companies who receive a large quantity of checks, our Lockbox service efficiently handles the check payments that you receive in the mail so that your employees can spend their time focusing on your core business. With Lockbox service, the receipt and processing of your payments is outsourced and a file of received payments is supplied to you electronically.

ACH Blocking

With our ACH Blocking service, you can completely block other companies from being able to debit your account for payments. Or, if you would like to allow a few vendors to debit your account for payments, we can allow those and block all others.

Business Debit Cards

Debit Cards from Central National Bank provide you and your employees with the convenience of making business purchases on-the-go. Daily spend limits can be adjusted for different employees.

Make the right choice for your business.