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A culture of mutual support. An opportunity for advancement.

Central National Bank’s growth since 1977 is related to its employees and their commitment to excellence. CNB employees take pride in their commitment to providing service in a manner that exceeds expectations. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are interested in personal and professional growth opportunities.

Central National Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of any protected trait, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, disability or veteran status. We provide reasonable accommodation for persons with disability.

Central National Bank Career Opportunities

CNB’s Darrell Rollins greets a customer in the drive-thru during the bank’s Customer Appreciation Day.

Join our team & show customers what “Bank Different” is all about.

We are currently seeking qualified candidates to join our team. Open positions include:

Other Opportunities

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Why work at CNB?

In addition to providing employees with competitive salaries and excellent benefits (including 401k), at Central National Bank, “bank different” is a constant theme in how we do things. Not just with how we treat customers, but how we treat each other, too. Here’s a sampling of what our team members have to say about the culture at CNB:

“As a whole, those committed to our culture view the bank as a significant part of our lives (a part which we enjoy) and not simply a job or even a career. We feel a sense of ownership, so no task is too large or too small or too inconvenient. There is a willingness to go above and beyond to help one another. We aren’t confined to our job descriptions, so this sense of ownership and willingness extends to all areas of the bank, enabling employees to get involved in new and exciting projects, in addition to the their normal daily routines. We all have the freedom to give input, to debate issues, and to work as a team to obtain the best results possible. All of this leads to an open and honest camaraderie.”

Carolyn Haferkamp, COO

“The culture at CNB is like a family. We are a group of caring people who are always concerned about the welfare of our fellow employees. It is an environment that allows us to care for our families when a crisis unfolds. We are willing to assist each other when we see the need arise or when we are asked. We attempt to make each customer feel special and to see that all their needs are taken care of at the time. We can be serious, but we can also laugh freely. We are not afraid to make decisions that sometimes have to be made quickly, and we know that—for the most part—we are supported in our attempts to do what is right.”

Peggy Kellough, Receptionist

“What I love about the CNB culture is that we treat each other like a family, we support each other, cover for each other, complement each other, are honest with each other and forgive each other. We solve problems together, mourn together, celebrate together and share meals together. Everyone at CNB has a place at the table, and we treat our customers the exact same way.”

Joe Nesbitt, President

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