Pocket Liners Preorder2023-12-01T22:51:11-06:00

What are Peel-Off Pocket Liners?

Imagine a notepad filled with REAL MONEY! These unique “pads” feature a cardboard back and a gummed side, just like a notepad, but instead of paper, they’re loaded with actual currency.

Make this holiday season unforgettable by surprising your loved ones with Peel-Off Pocket Liners. These pads are designed to slip right into stockings, making them the ideal gift for everyone on your list.

Our exclusive pre-sale is happening now until December 1. Reserve your Peel-Off Pocket Liners today and pick them up at Central National Bank between December 15 and 22. You will be contacted when they are ready to be picked up. Payment due at pickup.

Due to the limited availability of the Pocket Liners, these are only available for Central National Bank customers to purchase.

$20 (Sold Out!)

20 x $1 bills

Cost $20


5 x $1 bills, 4 x $5 bills

Cost $25


10 x $1 bills, 4 x $5 bills, 2 x $10 bills

Cost $50

The preorder period has now ended.