After years of hosting a spring and fall Shred Day at our Highway 84 banking center, we think we’ve gotten pretty speedy at handling sensitive documents. But, what about the actual running speed of our employees?

In a follow-up to our October 2022 Shred Day, we asked a few members of our Shred Day crew if they would be willing to settle this important question. And, they didn’t disappoint. We think you’ll enjoy this fun, unscripted look at Shred Day…and the epic race that all of Central Texas definitely isn’t talking about.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who joined us for our fall Shred Day. We’d also like to extend a special thank you to our CNB Shred Day team (listed below) and to the friendly folks at HOT Shred. Our next Shred Day will be in May of 2024.

CNB Shred Day Team: Tim Keenan, Kristi Blagg, Gavin Lizik, Veronicka Thompson, Sabrina Schrader, Bryan Fonville, Rob Wilson, Joe Nesbitt, Michaela Braly, Elaine Rosas, Jessica Zavala, Lisa Tovar, and Matt Helton

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